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NSCLC Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

Relation of MARCKS to Cancer

Number of Journal Articles Cited (NIH/Nat. Lib Medicine) Since 2000 Marcks well known in Respiratory, increasingly published as a MOA in Cancer

  • 90% Percent of lung cancers that present as non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cases
  • 90K Approximate number of new NSCLC cases per year
  • 330K Estimated prevalence of advanced NSCLC given a 17% rate of 5 year survival

Compelling Pre Clinical Efficacy: CANCER

Effective in two most predictive animal models ( orthotopic lung injection; tail vein injection)

Reduces size of tumor; prevents metastases

Distally effective; lung, mediastinum; diaphragm, heart

Effective in all solid tumors tested (lung, breast, sarcoma, glioma, etc…)

Synergistic effect: BIO 11006 keeps cancer cells in G2/M (dividing) phase for a longer period (G2/M arrest), making cells more susceptible to carboplatin, taxol etc…

NSCLC Clinical Data


  • Phase 2 clinical study comparing Standard of Care SoC ) to SOC plus BIO 11006
  • SoC is pemetrexed and carboplatin
  • More Partial Response (PR) than SoC alone
  • Less Disease Progression (DP) than SoC alone
  • Statistical significance (p=0.02) achieved over SoC at 3 months in Overall Response Rate (ORR) in NSCLC