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Rajin Ahuja


Mr. Ahuja possesses over 15 years of global experience in pharmaceutical mergers and acquisitions, and has an extensive background in drug development and co-development partnerships.

Mr. Ahuja founded and launched his first pharmaceutical company in his mid-twenties, which successfully achieved FDA approval on three first-to-market drugs. He has had direct involvement in the interaction, negotiation, and licensing of many drugs with some of the most preeminent global pharmaceutical companies. His experience as an entrepreneur has led to the successful creation of several startup pharmaceutical companies that resulted in multimillion dollar valuations. In these ventures, Mr. Ahuja has been involved in raising the necessary capital to develop and commercialize products, and his expertise and experience have been instrumental in extracting top value for development funds.  Recently, he has globalized his pharmaceutical reach into India, Russia, Canada, and South America.

Mr. Ahuja is also a managing partner for an investment firm that administers medically related investments. He currently holds several board seats and provides strategic advice for many startups and medical companies.

Mr. Ahuja received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a PreMed emphasis from Gannon University/Hahnemann Medical and earned an MBA as well.