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Clinical Trials

Bio-11006 COPD  Phase 2
Bio-11006 NSCLC  Preclinical Preclinical  Phase 2  Phase 2
Bio-11006 ARDS  Preclinical  Preclinical  Phase 2  Phase 2
Bio-11002 Pediatric Cancer Phase 1-2


BIO-11006 has two active INDs: one is for respiratory disease, and the other is for oncology indications. We have commenced enrollment in Phase 2 controlled clinical studies in NSCLC and ARDS.

In Vivo studies have shown efficacy in stopping metastases and reducing primary tumor size as monotherapy in NSCLC and—when used in combination with cisplatin—significantly potentiates the effectiveness of the platinum compound.

In Vivo studies in three animal models of ARDS have shown that the peptide can prevent the development of ARDS, and more surprisingly, can reverse ARDS even when established.