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Dr. Parikh, as cofounder and chief scientific officer, brings more than 40 years of experience in drug discovery and development in a variety of therapeutic areas, fund raising, and licensing to biomark.

Dr. Parikh, educated at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, was a founder, chief scientific officer, and vice president of research and development (R&D) for RTP Pharma, a nanotechnology-based drug-delivery company. [RTP Pharma was acquired in 2001 by SkyePharma]. Earlier, he was director of Biochemistry & Biotechnology and director of Extramural Research at Glaxo Inc., and played a leading role in establishing Glaxo’s R&D operation in the Research Triangle, NC from the ground up. Prior to that, he was the head of Molecular Biology Division at Burroughs Wellcome Co.

Dr. Parikh has also served as assistant professor of Pharmacology and assistant professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore. He has served on editorial boards of three scientific journals and on scientific and corporate advisory boards of more than 12 biotech companies. In addition to organizing and participating, he has made more than 75 presentations at various national and international scientific conventions. He has published more than 70 peer-reviewed publications and holds more than 25 U.S. patents.