Dr. Dickson is a physician with 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical management, equally divided between major pharma (SK@F, Searle, WL/PD) and biotech and contract research companies. He also has board experience in public (NASDAQ) companies with responsibility for a staff of over 400 worldwide with annual budgets of over $300 million.

Dr. Dickson has experience as a chief executive officer of Peckforton Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., with frequent use of spreadsheets and key performance indicators (KPI) to manage to reach objectives. His clinical management responsibility has included worldwide clinical development, regulatory affairs, and preclinical development in toxicology, drug metabolism, and molecular pharmacology.

Dr. Dickson led the NDA development and submission teams for 17 regulatory applications; the applications involved presentations to both CBER and CDER at the FDA, as well as EMEA, HPB, CSM, and the BGA. The submissions have included new clinical entities (NCEs), biological, devices, and supplemental applications for new indications and new dosage forms. The NDA applications have been in the following areas: cardiovascular (4), oncology (3), anti-infective (2), central nervous system (2), gastroenterology (2), vaccines (2), respiratory (1), and anti-helminthic (1).

Dr. Dickson served on the WHO subcommittee for nutrition and anemia, led as chairman and chief executive officer of Peckforton Pharmaceutical, Ltd. (UK), acted as the editor-in-chief for the Journal of Pharmaceutical Medicine, and acts as a member of the board of the American Society of Hypertension, the Covalent Group, Inc, (NASDAQ) and Medeva PLC (Bermuda).