BioMarck has successfully raised equity capital from private sources.

Biomarck has been awarded a succession of grants under the auspices of the National Institute of Health (NIH). These include a Phase I SBIR grant for $100,000 in 2003, a Phase II SBIR grant for $1,228,000 in 2004, a Phase III SBIR grant for $2,990,000 in 2006, a SBIR grant for $3,000,000 in 2014 and a STTR grant for $201,503 in 2014. The SBIR grant process involves review of data and proposed development plans by a group of experts in the respiratory field. Excellent priority scores from this review group and positive funding decisions support the fact that the respiratory community (scientific and clinical) is eager to support the development of BIO-11006 Inhalation Solution.

Overview & Investment Opportunity